Carpet cleaning prices and options

By Chris Walker | Carpet Cleaning

Dec 28

You know that there are two options when it comes to carpet cleaning. You can either go the DIY way by renting out cleaning equipment and buying out the chemicals or you can hire a professional cleaner such as my friends South West London Carpet Cleaning Company who has kindly written this article for me. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get right into it.

Overview of rental machines

It appears to be the attractive option as the idea is to save more money. However, it’s never effective. Being the professional carpet company we are, we are always contracted not only for carpet cleaning but also for carpet rescue services. Here, clients who had attempted to do it DIY end up messing things around and they can’t simply handle it. On weekly basis, we have to rescue a carpet either shrunk or over-wet.

Rental machines don’t have the required advanced specs for effective carpet cleaning. The suction property is very important and most likely, they have it at a lower level. Similarly, the chemicals used are never effective compared to what professional cleaners use.

As a matter of fact, a homeowner is never trained on how well he/she can use the machine. They will keep making mistakes. In the event of faults, they also don’t know how to fix or remedy that.

It is our recommendation that you be wary of using the rental machines for carpet cleaning. It’s clear that nothing good comes from that. We have seen people use them and they end up the same way; calling us for rescue services. That’s out. The left option is hence hiring a professional cleaner.

Choosing the best professional carpet cleaner

Even after neglecting the DIY option, it is not automatic that the professional option will work. There can be mistakes as you try to pick the best company. As noticed, many will research on several local companies and go for their quotes. The cheapest wins. Well, that on its own is a mistake. That is because people never get to consider other factors like the kind and power of the machinery, the types of chemicals and the skills of the cleaner.

In addition, some companies are a sham. They have no bases being carpet cleaner but are individuals who actually hire the cleaning equipment yet claim to be a company. Since all you need is to have the carpet cleaned, you might not notice about that. But now you know. Don’t just hire anybody. Get to the details first as this is a problem trending in the industry.

Other cleaners are never trained. Others have inadequate funds that leave them no option but to work without insurance covers. Am sure you don’t want to bring in more risks.

The differences in professional cleaners

If the company has trained professionals and the equipment is fine, the idea may be they are all the same and it doesn’t matter which one you hire. However, there will be differences in performance as well as the price quotes. Services are often classified into classes determined by what level of work is required. Different companies will charge differently for different classes of work. Such companies should not be trusted as cleaning should be done intensively no matter what. That’s what you hire a professional to do. If they ask for more claiming that they will do a better job, they just want money. Additional money should only apply where there is say carpet protection to be applied or something like that. Some companies will go ahead to make use of false adverts to earn more clients. Don’t fall into their traps. Go for what is genuine.

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