What to Consider When Planning a Loft Conversion

By Chris Walker | Home Improvement

Apr 12

If you want to add space and also value to the house, you can do this by opening your loft. However, it is not easy to plan this conversion. Not everyone is aware that there are certain regulations and also steps which should be thought through before embarking into the conversion.  Below are some of the low-downs which need to be considered before starting the conversion.

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Conduct an Investigation on Whether You Will Need To Have a Planning Permission

We should be aware that planning permission is not required on all properties. All of these depend on the house type. Some houses may be allowed to conduct a conversion without necessarily having a planning permission. However, if your house or flat is in a conservation area, then you are specifically required to have planning permission. The main rule is that, if you are altering your roof for instance, either by raising it up or lowering it, you should get a planning permission from the authorities.

Find Out If You Are Located In a Conservation Area

The easiest way to know is by visiting the website of your local area and see if you are located in the given areas set as conservation areas. It is simple since you only key in your postal code and you will know if you are located in the given location. If you do, then you are required to go to the authorities and seek a planning permission before you do the conversion.

Get an Approval for Building Regulations

It is standard practice to get building regulations when it comes to building industry. Make sure you will have the correct materials and the right structure required for the conversion and also get in touch with professionals who are competent enough to carry out the conversion. However planning permission is not the same as building regulations. Building regulations mean that the government, the local one has inspected and verified the construction as having fulfilled all the required standards. This includes assessment of the work quality, accessibility, insulation, ventilation, safety, structure and much more.

Consider a Specialist

There are specialists available who deal with loft fixtures such as timescale, the fittings and also the payments. However, it is also possible to partially use the services of the specialists and then outsource other services on your own such as plumbers and others that might be necessary. However, it is highly discouraged to manage your project on your own if you have no experience in the same field. It is recommended to acquire professional services that have experience in loft conversions for a long time.

Seek For Advice If You Want To Create Storage Space

If you are intending to add more space by adding floorboards, for instance, you should consider the amount of weight that the joists can handle. You should, however, enlist guidance from an engineer who deals with structural work on how to go about it.

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